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Mayor's Message

Edison Mayor Accepts the “Ice Bucket Challenge”

to Raise Awareness & Research Funds for ALS

 EDISON, N.J. — (Aug. 19, 2014) — Wearing a golf shirt and slacks Edison Mayor Thomas Lankey yesterday accepted the first of two “Ice Bucket Challenges” that he has received to help raise public awareness about ALS, a degenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

 A trio of Edison cops dumped three buckets of icy water over Mayor Lankey at the main entrance to Edison Police Headquarters. Manning those buckets were Police Chief Thomas Bryan, police Capt. Andy Fresco and Patrolman Joe Chonka.

 Lankey has so far received two separate challenges to join the fight against ALS from Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac and state Sen. Peter J. Barnes III (D-Middlesex). Watch Lankey accept yesterday’s challenge at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcS8HtbRDXE&feature=youtu.be

 “I’m not thrilled about being drenched with three buckets of icy water, but I sincerely believe that we must provide more funding for scientific research to offer relief for thousands of people afflicted with ALS,” Lankey said. “It would be wonderful if we could conquer this debilitating disease in our lifetime.”

 To date, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $22.9 million for the ALS Association, which is turning a national spotlight on the disease.

 Before being soaked Mayor Lankey challenged his boss, Raymond Fredericks, the President and CEO at JFK Medical Center in Edison; Council President Robert Karabinchak and Middlesex County Freeholder Charles Tomaro to also take the Ice Bucket Challenge.  

 Yesterday’s event also underscored renewed cooperation between the Lankey Administration and its police unions. In addition to Chief Bryan, police Capt. Fresco is state delegate for the Edison Superior Officers Association and Chonka is the finance secretary for Edison PBA Local 75. 

 Along with raising awareness about ALS, Mayor Lankey has pledged to make personal donation to help fight ALS and Lankey will make a separate contribution to ALS research in early September when he will again face the “Ice Bucket Challenge” at Middlesex County College.



 Carry on Campaign James Monroe School

 Anyone interested in supporting James Monroe School; here are a few ways to help out:
Raritan Center 5K Run/Walk for Edison & Woodbridge Kids  

 A monetary donation can be made here 

Anyone wishing to make book donations click here 


  Edison Township Pothole Reporting Hotline

   Recognizing the impact that this winter has had with regard to the extensive volume of potholes throughout the township, Mayor Thomas Lankey has established a pothole hotline.  Residents are encouraged to call in the locations of potholes they have encountered while traversing the township.  This will assist us in collecting additional information necessary to expedite repairs in a more efficient and timely manner.

  Please contact us at 732-404-8600 Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 4:30pm.

You can also report a pothole by submitting a citizen service request here


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