Animal Shelter/Animal Control

125 Municipal Blvd.
Edison, NJ 08817

Walk in Public Hours:
  • 7 Days a week

Contact the Shelter/Animal Control:

  • 732-248-7278
  • Emergencies after hours or weekends please call 732-248-7400

Located past the Municipal Complex, at the end of POW/MIA Blvd., the Edison Animal Shelter/Animal Control serves Metuchen, Piscataway, Dunellen, Highland Park, and Edison. If you have lost a pet or are looking for a new pet, please call or visit the shelter. Please note that the selection of dogs and cats available for adoption change on a daily basis. Visit the shelter to confirm availability of the pet you are interested in. The shelter always has a great selection of companions, and the purr-fect one is probably waiting just for you.

The Edison Animal Shelter is an adoptions shelter.  We have a selection of dogs, cats, and small furry & feathered pets available for adoption (look at our page for a list of all current Adoptable Animals)

  • Fees: All of our dogs/cats are fully vetted spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations, as well as, micro chipped.
    Dogs/Puppies  $175.00
    Cats/Kittens    $100.00
    Small Furry & Feathered: $35.00

    Pet Surrenders:
    If you must surrender your pet, please note the following: 
           * You must call first and provide pet information
              * We may be full-but can as a courtesy post your pet on our Face book and Pet finder pages.
              * All dogs must pass a temperament test.  We cannot take in feral cats or dogs with aggressive behavior or bite   
              * Veterinary Records must be provided at the time of surrender.
              * You must pay a surrender fee to help with the cost of care for your pet.  If your pet is not spayed/neutered, 
                 the fee will be at  a higher rate.

    Redemption Fees:

    If your pet was picked up by Animal Control, you must provide proof of ownership to redeem (license, proof of rabies vaccine)
    1st Occurrence: $25.00 plus daily boarding fee (if applicable)
    2nd Occurrence: $50.00 plus daily boarding fee (if applicable)
    3rd Occurrence: $100.00 plus daily boarding fee (if applicable)
    Daily Boarding fee $4.00

    Additional Expenses: Any expenses not specified or of an unusual nature shall be charged at cost or a reasonable estimated charge (ie Veterinary Expenses, Boarding if owner is aware animal is at shelter and fails to pick up)

    Animal Control:

    Animal Control officers are available 24/7. ACO's are responsible for enforcing town ordinances pertaining to animals and investigating animal cruelty/neglect. Service pro vied:

  • Picking up stray dogs. We normally do not pick up stray cats as many cats are indoor/outdoor cats and we give them the opportunity to return home. NEVER FEED STRAY CATS!
  • Picking up injured/sick/stray/domestic animals (dogs/cats) and injured/sick wildlife.
  • Removing wildlife from a resident's living quarters.  Attics and walls are not considered living quarters and a local PEST CONTROL company should be contacted.
  • Investigation of animal bites and quarantining animals involved in bites.
  • Animal nuisance complaint investigations and inquiries
  • Picking up of deceased domestic animals (dogs/cats)
  • Cruelty/Neglect Investigations
  • TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) management of feral cats in Edison and participating towns.
  • Removal of deceased deer in EDISON only

        **NOTE we do not trap and remove healthy wildlife**