Planning Board

The Planning Board is an autonomous statutory board that is coordinated under the Division of Planning and Zoning in the Department of Planning and Engineering.  The Planning Board Administrative Officer is the employee responsible for coordination of this board.

The Planning Board consists of 9 members.  The types of members and number of each serving on the board are as follows: Class I-Mayor or designee [term-tenure of office]; Class II - Appointment by Mayor or official of Township other than Councilmember [one year term]; Class III - Appointment by Council of a Council member [term-one year]; Class IV - 6 members appointed by Mayor [4 year term]; Class IV - Alternates I and II appointed by Mayor [two year term].

The current members for the Township of Edison Planning Board are as follows:

Members Term Expires
Sherri Ruggeri (Chairwoman) 12-31-2020
Dennis Pipala (Vice-Chairman) 12-31-2019
John Soltesz 12-31-2018
Sam Kahn       12-31-2019
Mark Danielle 12-31-2018
Olga Sgambettera 12-31-2019
Salvatore Pizzi 12-31-2021
Jagpaviterjit Singh 12-31-2021
Henry Xing 12-31-2019
Joseph A. Coyle-Council Member 12-31-2018
Donald Corrette (1st Alternate) 12-31-2018
Michel Rubin, Esq  
Lillian Triola, Admin. Officer, PB Sec.  
Michelle Tullio, Esq., Counsel  
Bignell Consulting, Planning Consultants  
Delaware, Raritan Engineering