Professional Standards

Edison Police Department Bureau of Professional Standards

  • As an extension of the Office of the Chief of Police, the Professional Standards Bureau assists the Chief with ensuring compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations through internal management inspections and department-wide oversight.
  • The Professional Standards Bureau is responsible for overseeing our COMPSTAT crime control and accountability management system and the Internal Affairs function.


COMPSTAT is a valuable crime analysis and police management tool in our police department. It is a multi layered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement and personnel resource management.

COMPSTAT is a management process where relevant crime/incident data is continually analyzed. This provides geographic based information and allows for the identification of patterns / trends (‘hotspots’) related to particular crime categories. All relevant data is shared with department personnel at biweekly meetings. Strategic operational plans are subsequently developed which allow Patrol Officers and specialized units to coordinate their efforts and deploy available resources in the most effective manner.

Internal Affairs Unit:

Our department is committed to providing policing services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. Toward that end, employees of all ranks and assignments are held to the highest standards of official conduct and are demanded to respect the rights of all citizens and co- workers. Employees’ adherence to these standards, motivated by an ethical and professional obligation to perform their job to the best of their ability, is the ultimate objective of this agency.

The overall goals of the Internal Affairs function are to ensure the public trust and improve agency performance through specific and general deterrence to misconduct, and to identify operational deficiencies in the department.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office mandates that all Police agencies perform the Internal Affairs function. This function involves the investigation and resolution of complaints of police misconduct that originate with private citizens or are generated by the supervisors, officers, or employees of a Law Enforcement agency.

To read how Internal Affairs Complaints and Dispositions are Classified, click here.

2015 Internal Affairs Reports

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2014 Internal Affairs Reports

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