Addiction Services

Addiction Services Program

We all know many people whose lives have been negatively affected through addiction. We are committed to breaking the stigma of substance use disorder and helping individuals and families regain balance and lead fulfilled lives.

This program was established at the request of Mayor Thomas Lankey in 2017 to support all people faced with substance use disorder to navigate the road to recovery and repair the damage caused by addiction. This program was initially managed by an outside addiction services agency called SOBA New Jersey until 2019 at which time we realized that an Addiction Services Coordinator was necessary to add a human touch and break the stigma and shame caused by addiction within families.

Since 2019, we have been working closely with W.O.O.R.P. (Woodbridge Opioid Overdose Recovery Program) to help people seeking treatment programs and support groups. We also work closely with the Edison school system to educate and empower the youth on the importance of abstinence and inform them of the consequences of addiction, of any kind.

We are partnered with Middlesex County Blue Cares who is sponsored by the following organizations:

Cooperative Sponsors

  • Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office
  • State of New Jersey Office of the Attorney General
  • Middlesex County Association of Chiefs of Police Association
  • Woodbridge Township Health and Human Services- Division of Addiction and Recovery
  • Mainstream Recovery
  • Wellspring Center for Prevention
  • Middlesex County Office of Health Services
  • Middlesex County Office of Human Services - Division of Addictions and Mental Health Planning

The program provides a wide range of services for individuals and families which include:

  • Linking individuals to detox, treatment, aftercare, and reintegration into the community
  • Assist with navigating community resources
  • Assist individuals and families in need of guidance and emotional support
  • Provide 24/7 access to peer recovery coaches, life/health/spiritual coaches for community engagement
  • Recovery planning, access to recovery meetings, yoga/meditation/wellness in the area
  • Family/friend/peer support
  • School programs to educate minors on the risks of addiction
  • Community addiction trainings, in person and via webinars

Additional information can be found through the following link/contact number:

Holly M. Onorato – Addiction Services Coordinator – 732.248.7295 –

24/7 Confidential Addiction Support Hotline, 732-596-4199.