Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What kind of shelter is the Edison Animal Shelter?  Do you euthanize animals?

A:  We are an adoptions shelter which means that we do all we can to place every "adoptable" animal that comes through our doors. An adoptable animal will not be euthanized to make room for another. Edison Animal Shelter will only euthanize an animal for medical reasons (our vet determines this) or if they are a danger to humans. These decisions are never made lightly and only after an animal has been thoroughly evaluated.

Q: Where do you spend most of your money?

A: Most of our money is spent on the care and enrichment of the animals. We spend well over $120,000 in medical bills, plus costs for spay/neuter and medications.

Q: I am dealing with economic hardship.  Can I receive free food for my pet?

A:  The Edison Animal Shelter currently does not have a pet food program in place, but contact the manager at emasmanager@edisonnj.org or stop in and we may be able to help out.

Stray or Surrender Animal Questions

Q: I found an animal.  What should I do?

A:  If possible, attempt to confine the animal safely.  If the animal is showing any signs of aggression, DO NOT approach the animal.  It is best to get to a safe location and call Edison Animal Control 732-248-7278 to report the sighting.  After hours, contact your local police department—the non-emergency number.  If you are in possession of a lost animal, please notify the Edison Animal Shelter at 732-248-7278 as soon as possible.

Q:  If I find a stray animal how long will you hold it?

A:  We hold each stray animal for a minimum of seven (7) days to try and find its owner.�€‹  At the end of the seven day hold period, the animal becomes the property of the Edison Animal Shelter.

Q:  Do you pick up stray animals?

A:  Yes, please contact ANIMAL CONTROL at 732-248-7278.  After hours, please contact your local police department.

Q:  I can no longer keep my pet.  What can I do?

 A:  Surrendering an animal is often a difficult and painful decision.  Many companion animals are given up by their owners because of behavior problems—and in most cases, there are things you can do to change your animal's unwanted behavior.  Before you give up on your pet, please consult a reputable trainer or animal behaviorist for assistance. 

Depending on the reason for the surrender, it may be ideal for you to find a relative or friend to provide a new home for your pet first.  

As a LAST resort, please contact the Edison Animal Shelter.

Q:  I need someone to take care of my pet while I am away/in the hospital.  Can you help me?

A:  No.  The Edison Animal Shelter is not a private boarding facility.  We provide temporary shelter to homeless, abandoned, and neglected animals only.  We do, however, have many fine boarding facilities in the area.  Please do an internet search.

Q: My pet has gone missing.  Can you help me locate it?

A:  Yes, please contact the shelter at 732-248-7278.  If you live in a town other than Edison, please contact your local police department.  It is also advised that you send a recent picture of your pet to eas@edisonnj.org.   Please include a physical description of your pet, as well as location of last sighting, any instructions on approaching the dog should someone encounter it, and personal contact information.  Photos are also very helpful.

Q:  I think my neighbors are abusing/neglecting their animal, can you help?

A:  Yes, please contact an ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER by calling 732-248-7278

Q:  I am interested in adopting the stray animal that I dropped off.

A:  Great!  By law, we will hold the animal for 7+ days in hopes it can be reunited with it’s owner.  Then the animal will have to be seen by our vet and spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  Please visit the shelter and ask to speak with a staff member for assistance.

Medical Questions

Q:  My pet needs vaccinations.  Can I get this done at the shelter?

A:  We only vaccinate animals in our care. Our local pet supply stores may have partnerships with alliances that offer low cost vaccines.  Please search the internet for “Low cost animal vaccinations”.

Q:  Do you offer rabies vaccination clinics?

A:  Yes, the Edison Health Department offers quarterly FREE rabies clinics.  Additionally, other towns are listed on our web site too.

Q:  I would like to get my pet spayed/neutered.  Do you offer any lower cost options?

A:  Currently, we transport pets down to PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS in Robbinsville, NJ for low cost spay/neuter and other services.  Please refer to their section on our website.  We do not offer this service here at the shelter. 

Q:  If my pet needs to be euthanized, will you take care of it for me?

A.  Please contact your veterinarian about euthanasia of your pet.  If you are a resident of Edison, we can have the pet’s remains cremated (no ashes can be returned).

Donation Questions

Q:  Do you accept donations of blankets & towels?

A:  Right now we are full with blankets and towels, please consider donating them to another organization.

Q:  My pet passed away and I have leftover food and some other supplies and medications.  Will you accept them?

A:  Thank you for asking!  We will gladly accept donations of items off of our wish list but for storage reasons, cannot accept other items at this time.  For health and safety reasons, however, we only accept unopened bags of food or treats.  Additionally, we cannot accept any medication that has not been prescribed directly for our pets by a veterinarian.

Q:  A friend/family member passed away and requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations go to the Edison Animal Shelter.  How do I go about doing this?

A:  Please inform any potential contributors to send their donations to us at the address below.  They should include the name of the person being memorialized as well as the name and address where we can send a proper thank you.

Edison Animal Shelter

125 Municipal Blvd.

Edison, NJ  08817

Wildlife Questions

 Q:  I’ve seen a raccoon/fox/opossum out during the day, should I be concerned?

A:  No, not unless the animal is falling over/stumbling.  If this is the case please contact ANIMAL CONTROL
732-248-7278 and we will pick up the animal and have it humanely euthanized.  DO NOT GO NEAR OR TOUCH the animal. 

Healthy wildlife co-exist with us and the outdoors is their habitat.  Do not panic if you see an animal out during the day.  We have fox, rabbits, raccoons, garter snakes, opossum, deer, coyotes, and even the occasional mountain lion and bear.  Educate yourself about NJ wildlife with the links provided on our web site.

 Q:  I see a deer with a broken leg, can you help?

A:  Full grown deer with one broken leg that can walk are usually left alone.  We cannot capture and transport them.  However, if you see a deer that is badly injured and cannot get up, please contact ANIMAL CONTROL and we will have it euthanized on site and remove the carcass.

 Q:  I have an animal inside my home, can you remove it?

A:  We only remove (wildlife) animals if they are inside the LIVING AREA of your home.  Attics and walls are not living areas and you should contact a local pest control company to help you.