About Edison TV

Edison TV  - Channel 15 on Optimum and Channel 45 on Verizon FIOS -
is a government television station owned and operated by the Township of Edison. Its purpose is to serve the entire Edison Community.

Edison TV airs programs seven days a week  from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Edison TV provides a valuable information source for the township residents.

The video bulletin board lists community events, and provides non-profit community organizations with an opportunity to publicize meetings and fundraising events, as well as provide emergency and important township phone numbers and notices.

Edison TV keeps the community informed by providing coverage of Council Meetings, Planning Board Meetings and Zoning Board meetings. It also covers other meetings and events that are pertinent to the township residents.

Edison TV has won national awards for excellence in governmental access because of its broad range of original, professionally-produced programming.

Edison TV makes its programming available for viewing on the township website: live streaming and video on demand are just a click away!

Michael D'Amato


Station Manager
3rd Floor
100 Municipal Boulevard
Edison, NJ 08817
Email: Mike D'Amato

Coverage For a School Event?

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The Board of Education 
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