Department of Planning & Engineering

The Department of Planning and Engineering currently retain the consulting firm of Maser Consulting, P.A. as their Township Engineer who serves as the Director of Planning and Engineering.

This department consists of the following divisions:

Under the direction and control of the Township Engineer, the Division of Engineering develops construction plans and specifications and performs construction management on all municipal capital improvement projects undertaken by the Township by contract or by force account.  

The Division of Engineering prepares township maps, surveys, technical reports, investigations, studies, with respect to public property and facilities owned or operated by the township, as well as, for specific projects undertaken by the township, and maintains a complete record of all enginerring maps, plans, specifications, surveys, reports, and professional opinions, in which the township had or has an interest. 

The Division of Engineering  provides engineering and technical services to the various departments, boards and agencies of the township. 

The Division of Engineering also administers engineering inspection and related services on all development approved through the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Carl O'Brien (Consultant)
3rd Floor
100 Municipal Blvd.
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    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Engineering Projects