Court Procedures

In accordance with court rules, cases are heard in the following order:

  • Applications for adjournments or postponements
  • Guilty pleas
  • Contested matters with attorneys
  • All other contested matters
When your case is called, you come forward through the gate and stand behind the table to your right to speak to the Judge.

On your court appearance date you should bring in any evidence that you wish the Judge to consider, as well as any witnesses. If you need to subpoena a person to testify on your behalf at the time of trial, please notify the Court in advance and you will be provided with the appropriate forms and instructions on serving subpoenas.

All proceedings in the Municipal Court are recorded so an accurate record of the session is kept.

Children are permitted in the Court, however, they, as well as all other persons in attendance, must keep quiet to ensure an accurate recording of the session.

Weapons, of any kind, are strictly prohibited. Smoking is not permitted. Food and drink are not allowed and all beepers and cell phones must be turned off prior to entering the court room. Although there is no specific dress code, anyone entering the court room is required to wear shoes and an appropriate shirt. Hats are not permitted. Packages and bags are not allowed in the court room for security reasons and all persons are subject to search.

Kelly Sommer
Court Administrator
Public Safety Wing
Ground Floor
100 Municipal Boulevard
Edison, NJ 08817
Email: Kelly Sommer

Hours & Key Number
Violation Bureau Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fax number: 732-287-0743