Leaf Collection Regulations

Due to the recent changes in the Edgeboro Landfill inspection guidelines, please see changes below....
Leaf & Grass Bags-ONLY leaves/grass in the bag. No branches, twigs or yard waste of any kind in the bag. If the bags contain any of those items they WILL NOT be picked up.

The Township provides an annual leaf collection program,  Leaf Collection will begin on October 19th through December 18th as scheduled. The collection schedule is based upon resident's recycling section.

Collection Schedule
Recycling Sections 1 & 5 Mondays
Recycling Sections 7 & 8 Tuesdays
Recycling Sections 4 & 6 Wednesdays
Recycling Sections 2 & 9 Thursdays
Recycling Section 3 & 10 Fridays

There will be no leaf collections on the following holidays:  Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving & the Day after Thanksgiving.


  • Leaves will be picked up in biodegradable paper bags ONLY
  • Only leaves are collected during the Leaf Collection Program.  Under NO circumstances will the Township accept or pick-up leaves that are contaminated with grass, branches, stones or other debris during this season.
  • There will be NO COLLECTION of leaves or grass in any form of plastic bags
  • Weight of bags/containers is NOT to exceed 40lbs
  • Landscapers are prohibited from participating in the Leaf or Grass Collection Programs