Transportation Service

Non Discrimination Policy
ADA - Reasonable Modification Policy

The Edison Senior Citizen Center provides curb-to-curb transportation services, free-of-charge, to Edison seniors who have no other means of transportation. The service is not availableto seniors who have a car, are currently driving or have other means of transportation such as a spouse or family member. If a senior is found to be in violation of this rule, services will be suspended. Service will be offered to those individuals who are temporarily disabled due to surgery or medical condition. Once the individual is able to resume driving, the service will be terminated.

All requests for transportation must come from the individual in need of transportation. Please call the Edison Senior Citizen Center at 732-248-7345 and advise the staff that you are a new club member, new shopper or need medical transportation for the first time. Our staff will obtain the necessary information to include you in our transportation services.

Drivers will contact each new rider by phone to introduce themselves and advise them of the approximate time they will be picked up for a particular service. Please contact the Edison Senior Citizen Center at 732-248-7345 to cancel your appointment for transportation services. 

The following information refers to all transportation services.

  • All transportation is provided “curb-to-curb”.  Drivers do not enter the home, assist with ambulation, unlock doors or carry personal items. Drivers do not accompany passengers into the medical office or building. If you need assistance getting on or off the bus, please alert our drivers and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Drivers will not wait while passengers perform “chores” such as placing garbage at the curb, bringing in the mail or walking the dog.
  • Individuals who are not at home, or are not ready to leave when the van arrives, will receive a call advising that the driver is outside waiting. Drivers will wait 5 minutes and then depart. The driver will not return to the home at a later time that day.
  • Drivers are not allowed to make additional stops on the route. The driver will not stop at the mall, a friend’s home or within walking distance of the home. Passengers will be picked up and dropped off at the locations designated on the driver log.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking and weapons are not allowed on Township vehicles.
  • All passengers must use a seat belt during the transport and the driver is available to assist if needed.
  • All vehicles are equipped with two-way radios to the senior center dispatch desk.

The Township of Edison provides transportation services to its residents without regard to race, color, or national origin. The public is free to request additional information about the Township of Edison and its Transportation Services by dialing 732-248-7345. There are procedures that can be taken if a person feels they have been discriminated against.